With crisp compliments from the Spree

The „Hauptstadtpraline“ is the idea of a natural born Berliner. Oliver Friedrich knows the currywurst business by heart and with his additional huge knowledge in the food business the product „Hauptstadtpraline“ is a promising new currywurst experience which hits the mark with it’s special taste. The true currywurst fans know that the original Berlin Currywurst is a fried boiled sausage which gets crisp beacuse of it’s skin. The best kept secret of the Hauptstadtpraline is it’s unique sauce.

We exclusively produce small amounts of the „Hauptstadtpraline“ which will then be fried , cut and filed into our special jars. These jars are great for our customers- they are a perfect souvenir, personalized gift, good for take away or to sell wholesale. Microwave the jar and the currywurst is ready to enjoy. Our production partner is EU certified and stands for high quality and production standards. We guarantee a shelf life fort he unchilled product of 15 month.

Berlin’s  most delicate ambassador


BERLIN`S HOTTEST SOUVENIR FOR SALE. Each of Berlin’s 3o million visitors per year is blown away by the city’s vibe and wants to grab a very unique souvenir. We yell: here it is : our „ Hauptstadtpraline“. It is a very handy gift which is characteristic of Berlin.

  • fancy souvenir
  • good for retail in touristic areas available in a striking sales displays

Characteristic of Berlin: no lid without a cheeky slogan

Berlin’s sausage with a big mouth

4 page mini brochure

Display for 12 jars

DIN A5 / DIN long, seller support

Posh entertainment for your event

Not only is the „Haupstadtpraline“ a tasty product but you can also personalize it with cool cheeky slogans for your business customers. It is a bestseller for trade shows, meetings and conventions. There is no better way to impress your guests and clients.

A sausage tours the world

Berlin scores as the city with the most Michelin stars and as the world’s capital city for currywurst. There are tons of funny myths about the Berlin people being grumpy and having a big mouth and about the question who really invented the currywurst. Was it Herta Heuwer or ist he currywurst originally from Bochum or Dortmund? Nonsense!! The currywurst is a Berlin child. The sausage from the Ruhr which claims to be the original currywurst is just a fried sausage.

The innovator of the Hauptstadtpraline



The dazzling idea to do the „Hauptstadtpraline" came from Oliver Friedrich- a natural born Berliner.

Oliver is a professional food specialist who has a lot of experience in restaurant development and franchising. He worked for Subway International as development agent for more than 10 years  and was also multi franchisee. In 2015 he opened the first flagship store for RISAMORE – an italian risoteria – in Berlin.

Locations to find Hauptstadtpraline


KaDeWe, Tauentzienstraße 21, 10789 Berlin

Eat Berlin

Eat Berlin, Rosenthaler Str., 10178 Berlin

Galeria Kaufhof, Alexanderplatz

Galeria Kaufhof, Alexanderplatz – Tunnel Alexanderpl. 9, 10178 Berlin

Von und Zu Tisch

Aus Berlin

25hours Hotel Bikini

25hours Hotel Bikini, Budapester Str. 40, 10787 Berlin

Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

Mövenpick Hotel Berlin, Schöneberger Str. 3, 10963 Berlin

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Schärfe ist das A&O: Beim Blick ins Supermarkt-Regal und bei der Currywurst. Die Hauptstadtpraline gibt's jetzt in ausgesuchten Märkten von Kaiser's Berlin – für alle mit guten Augen und gutem Geschmack. Übrigens auch vegan.

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